EasyScroller Free for Joomla!

EasyScroller Free for Joomla!

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EasyScroller is an easy-to-use smoothscroll menu management system to help visitors navigate on today's website.

The component allows you to create links to Ids inside any page of a site thanks to a YQL request that retrieve all Ids of a page and put them in a list and a preview window inside the menu editor, to help you choose the right anchors. You can see in real time what part of the page an anchor will display.

With the component you can:

  1. Enter a title,
  2. Select the Id in a list.

With the module, you can display the smoothscroll menu anywhere you want with many options

  • 1 layout : simple list icons with over and active state
  • position (axis, x & y position, centered, x & y distance)
  • display (4 color variations, background transparency, 4 colors (background, font, over, active), different padding, font size, size of the bar...)

No more HTML skills needed and long digging searches for Ids inside the code of your page.

Visit the demo! Read the documentation for more info

  • Quick an Easy
  • No HTML
  • YQL request to retrieve IDs of the page
  • Nice fully customizable display


  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Membership duration: No limit

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